About Us

RFAQK was born from a passion for empowering beginner bakers and a commitment to quality. Our name says it all:

R - Reliable products you can trust, even as a total newbie

F - Friendly customer service and instructions for stress-free baking  

A - Affordable prices so decorating cakes is open to everyone

Q - Quality materials built to last

K - Keen to help you master cake decorating

Over the years, we have helped over a million beginner bakers of all ages find their creative confidence through our cake decorating kits.

Many of the newbies have even told us how our products have made them feel much more confident in their abilities and brought them immense joy. 

Some of them have even turned their passion into a profession🔥!


With your support, we've grown into the nation's leading brand of cake decorating supplies.

Our kits are now available all over the U.S. and have earned over 50,000 5-star reviews. But our proudest milestone is the 80% of customers who say using our products gave them the skills and self-assurance to finally bake cakes just as beautiful as they imagined.

Today RFAQK is the leading cake decorating brand in the USA, but our mission remains the same. We are still keen to spread the delight of baking to new people every day. We still believe that with the right tools and a little confidence, you can make cakes that spark imagination and bring smiles.

Our Collection

RFAQK’s collection of cake decorating tools for beginners has blossomed over the years into a comprehensive range designed to set you up for sweet success.

We offer everything from springform pans for even baking to rotating cake stands that give you a steady, 360-degree workspace when frosting. An adjustable cake leveler helps you get uniform layers, while large piping bags won't burst under pressure. Numbered icing tips take the guesswork out of piping pretty patterns.

We know it can be confusing starting with fancy frosted confections, so we provide Russian piping tips as well for beginners looking for an easier decorating experience.

If you're a beginner baker with big dreams, know that RFAQK is here to support you every step of the way. Take a chance, pick up one of our kits, and start creating. You have everything in you to make cakes that will amaze you. We can't wait to see what you will whip up next.