Fact:Cake Baking is not a Piece of Cake

If you’re a Beginner who never wants to burn the house down like I did (chuckles),
scroll it till the end and you had get plenty to become an expert at home

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AIf you have all these questions popping in your head as a beginner, that''s pretty normal.

As Simple as that, Cake Baking for beginners depends
upon the following factors:

1Right Tools

Choosing tools as a beginner is always hard as there are tons of tools available in the market. The problem persists when you see almost every tool labeled as essential to start your baking journey.

RFAQK solves it effortlessly by setting up Beginner Kits, which only include hand picked tools you need to start baking at home.


kickstart Your Journery for
as Low as $25

The Cake Decoratings Kits are in trend these days as they give you all-in-one essentials to start decorating at home without any further ado.
The only downside is the higher cost, which RFAQK solves efficiently by bringing these quality kits for as low as $25 which otherwise costs at least $50 o rmore anywhere.

1Right Technique

Already overwhelmed to see 100s baking tutorials and videos on the internet

- That’s pretty much relatable as a beginner. The unorganized or rather complex information at different forums makes you confused in the first place. In contrast to that, RFAQK helps beginner bakers like no other with its module-based video course.

Video Course

Beginner to Profesional Baker
in LESS than 3 Months

What if you get a step-by-step video course of a certified baker including all those hidden secret recipes and tricks? We at RFAQK have designed something to make you some baker in just less than 3 months. The Video Support, FAQs, Detailed Guides Books & Lifetime access is all that you need to shine as a baker.

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A: RFAQK eBook is a chapter-level guide for beginners to not only learn different recipes but also understand the practical usage of tools in a hassle-free manner.

A: RFAQK Beginner Kits are designed for Starters to Kick-Off their Baking Journey. All these kits are a collection of tools created by our certified bakers to help you with your baby step and accomplish great things step-by-step.

A: RFAQK has various Cake Decorating Kits solely designed for beginners. Each and Every Kit comes around with a result-oriented approach. For instance, RFAQK 90pcs Kit has all the essentials to perform piping techniques.

A: This module-based video course asserts on teaching tons of cake decorating techniques which means it has everything for someone including both the beginners and advanced learners.

A: The idea of the video courses is to help beginners gain practical knowledge and that too without spending big on learning and tools. The video course is up for grab at only $20, but if you buy any of the RFAQK Cake Kit for Beginners it’s absolutely free for a lifetime.

Technical + Access Course

A: Once you receive your kit, look out for the QR Code in the box. Simply scan the QR Code and register yourself. Then log in to access your video course.

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