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Baker's Advice To Choose A Cake Stand

by SAIRA FARHEEN 19 Nov 2023
How to choose a Cake Stand

Presenting the perfect cake stand for your baking creations is pure delight. We will explore the wonders of cake stand styles, materials, and sizes so you can find the perfect pedestal, tier, or cupcake holder to display your cakes and desserts. With the help of our experts, choosing the right stand will be a cakewalk. Say goodbye to slouching, and slipping cakes, and let us show you how proper cake stands can keep your bakes standing tall.

Types of Cake Stands

What are the most popular types of cake stands for cake decorators?

From cute 'n' frilly to sleek 'n' modern, there's a stand to showcase your baked masterpiece. Let's dish on these sweet displays:

Pedestal Stands

If you want to show off your delicious cakes and treats, you need a pedestal stand. A pedestal stand has three parts that make it awesome for displaying desserts.

The first part is the base, which is usually between 6 and 12 inches wide. It can support even the biggest layer cakes without any problem. The second part is the pillar, which lifts the base up by 3 to 6 inches. It makes the cake stand out and look amazing. The third part is the dome, which is made of clear glass or plastic. It covers the cake and keeps it fresh and moist. It’s like a mini museum for your desserts.

Pedestal stands are very popular in bakeries and cafes because they make cakes look more attractive and tempting. But they are not only for professionals. Many homebakers who love decorating cakes also have them. They are great for impressing your guests with your skills.

Pedestal stands used to be made of porcelain only, but now you can find them in different materials like plastic, wood, and crystal.

Whatever they are made of, they always make cakes look beautiful and proud.

Tiered Stands

Tiered stands are all about stacking layers, yo! You take a plate and stick it on top of a bigger plate. Then take a smaller plate and stick it on top of that one. Keep going to build your tasty pyramid of yumminess! Some have 3 tiers while others have 6 or more. The bigger ones can be like 3 feet tall – that's one giant cupcake tower!

Now here's how they work: The bottom plate is the biggest, maybe 18 inches wide. Then you put a 16-inch plate on top, then 14, 12, 10, 8...You get the pic. Little posts between each layer keep them stacked nicely and even. It's like a delicious cake or cupcake high-rise!

These stands are perfect for showing off fancy wedding cakes. But you can also pile on tons of cupcakes, muffins, and scones to feed the whole crew.

You can find these stands made of plastic, metal, or clear acrylic.

Floating Stands

If you like tiered stands – the ones with several levels of platforms on top of each other like a wedding cake – you will love floating stands.

Floating stands have a special feature that makes them super cool for displaying cakes. Instead of having pillars in the center of each layer to support them, the pillars are all on one side. So when you put your cake on the stand, one side is completely free of pillars.

That’s when the magic happens! You can decorate your cake with flowers, ribbons, figurines, or anything else you want. And because there is nothing on one side, your cake looks like it is floating in the air. How awesome is that? That’s why they are called floating stands, of course.

Floating stands are perfect for very elaborate and elegant cakes like the ones you see at weddings. The more decorations you add, the more your cake looks like it is levitating.

Plateau Stands

A plateau stand is kinda like an informal, chill version of a pedestal stand. It's got the same solid base to perch your cake on, but instead of one tall central pillar, it's got three or four short little legs. This gives it a more laidback, down-home look that's perfect for get-togethers.

These stands come in all sorts of sizes, so you can find one that fits your cake just right. The legs make plenty of room underneath for decorations or for folks to see all angles of your masterpiece. It lets your cake take center stage on the table and shine like the star it is!

When your crew comes over, just plop your cake on a plateau stand for an instant conversation piece. Folks will "ooh" and "ahh" over how you've got your dessert looking so dang cute. The short legs keep it casual while showing off your baking skills big time.

So if you're hosting people and want your cake to be the belle of the ball, grab a plateau stand and let it work its magic.

Choosing the Material

Each cake stand material has unique qualities that can enhance the presentation of your delicious cake creations. Let's explore some of the popular options below.

Iron Wire

As light as a feather and easier to clean than a piece of cake. These stands come mostly in black and white and look as pretty as a picture. With lovely swirly designs, they will make any cake a sight for sore eyes.


Simple but splendid, glass stands let your cake take center stage. Available in clear or colorful, glass stands can be plain or fancied up with bumpy or ruffled edges. For a simple stand that shows off your cake, you can’t beat glass.


Lighter than glass but sturdier than wire, metal stands are perfect for towering cakes with lots of tiers. Emphasizing your cake rather than competing with it, metal stands typically come in silver or gold and shapes galore. For a stand that can handle the weight, metal is the way to go.


The most popular stands around, porcelain stands are ideal for any cake on any occasion. Available in more styles than you can shake a whisk at, porcelain stands are the classic choice for highlighting your cake in style. For a stand you’ll use, again and again, you can’t beat porcelain.

How to Choose the Right Cake Stand?

When choosing a cake stand, you'll want to consider the look you're going for as well as practical factors like durability and ease of transport.

The classic choice is a glass cake stand. With their elegant transparency, glass cake stands beautifully showcase cakes from all angles while their non-porous surface keeps cakes from drying out. However, their fragile heaviness makes transport tricky and they're prone to cracking if handled roughly, so may not be ideal for rambunctious parties.

For a more durable option with graphic pop, ceramic cake stands come in a fun rainbow of colors, patterns, and textures to complement any cake and décor. Like glass, ceramic stands keep cakes moist without absorbing odors or flavors. But similar to glass, ceramic stands are dense and can chip or crack if dropped. They also require gentle handwashing.

If portability and affordability are your priorities, acrylic cake stands offer lightweight, shatterproof plastic at a fraction of the cost of glass or ceramic. While not as scratch- or stain-resistant, acrylic stands provide a crystal-clear aesthetic without fragility. Just know acrylic can warp in heat and is not as eco-friendly.

Finally, the sleek metal stands are ideal for modern, urban chic affairs. Durable iron, aluminum, and stainless steel stands are easy to transport while lending cakes a cool, contemporary vibe. Just keep an eye out for possible tarnishing and corrosion. With the right polish and balance, metal stands can elevate cakes to new stylish heights.

Which Type of Cake Stand Should You Choose?

The best cake stand for you depends on your personal preference, the type and size of your cake, and the style and mood of your occasion.

For Multiple Treats

If you want to showcase a variety of smaller treats, a tiered stand is a wonderful choice. The vertical layers add both height and drama to cupcakes, cookies, macarons, and more while allowing you to mix and match colors and flavors on each level. Tiered stands give a polished, elegant look to even the simplest of sweets.

For Pastry Chefs

Now, if you're an avid baker looking to impress with flawless cakes, a rotating stand is for you. Also called a turntable, it rotates a full 360 degrees so you can smoothly frost and decorate from all angles. Consider it your secret weapon for cake perfection! While not meant as a decorative piece, you can transfer your cake to a prettier stand for serving.

For Fresh Cakes

For cakes, you want to display but also keep covered and fresh, try stands with bell tops – glass toppers that protect your creations. Typically used for one or two-tiered stands fitting snugly over the cake, they keep out dust and bugs. A bonus – a touch of vintage charm!

For Decoration

Finally, for a modern geometric look, metallic stands in shapes like hexagons, triangles, or diamonds framed in gold add striking style. Your cake becomes a contemporary art piece! Minimalist or modern affairs will love the edge.

What Size Cake Stand to Choose?

Choosing the right size cake stand for your yummy cake is super duper important. You want one that fits your cake just right, not too big and not too small. A cake stand that's too big might make your cake look tiny. And one that's too small could make your cake flop over the sides. No good!


Cake Size (inches)

Serving Size (people)

Cake Stand Size (inches)



6 or 8



8 or 10



10 or 12



12 or 14



14 or 16

This table is intended to provide general guidance on choosing cake stand sizes based on cake size and serving size in inches.


The right size stand will help your cake look its best. It's like giving your cake a great outfit to show off in. Here are some tips on how to choose the best size cake stand for your cake.

The Number One Rule: Match the Bottom Tier and Cake Board

The golden rule for choosing a cake stand is to measure the diameter of the bottom layer and the cake board of your cake. These should be the same or smaller than the diameter of the cake stand. Otherwise, your cake might not fit properly on the stand, or worse, it might topple over or crack under the pressure. You don’t want to ruin your hard work with a cake disaster, do you?

Also Read: Cake Serving Chart Guide

A Little Bit Bigger Is Fine, But Never Smaller

Decorating a cake? Don't underestimate the importance of a properly sized cake stand. Selecting one at least equal to the base tier dimension creates visual balance. Slightly oversized stands can provide pleasing contrast against the cake and accommodate any visible board. However, overdoing size contrasts makes the cake appear disproportionately small.

Critical point: never choose a stand smaller than the cake base. This risks the stand collapse under cake weight, uneven overhang, and cake sliding off the stand. Additionally, serving is nearly impossible because there could be trouble cutting and serving as your knife bumps the stand. For aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound cake displays, cake stand size matters.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Cake Stand

A cake stand is not just a functional tool. It can be a beautiful decorative element too. There are so many options to think about – size, shape, style, color, material – it can get overwhelming. Let me walk you through the key things to consider when choosing your cake pedestal.

First up, size. Make sure your stand is big enough to hold your cake securely, without any edges hanging over. And match the shape too. Round stand for round cakes, square or rectangular stands for square/rectangular cakes. You can mix shapes up for visual interest, just ensure it complements your cake design.

Next, style and color. Choose something that fits the vibe and occasion – plain white/silver stands suit simple, elegant cakes while bright, patterned stands complement fun, colorful cakes. Mix and match too. Metallic gold is fab for festive cakes and floral stands work nicely with springtime cakes.

Last but not least, material. Wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, or stone – each has pros and cons. Wood is natural and versatile but can be heavy and warp over time. Ceramic is classic and easy to clean but prone to chipping. Metal adds glamour but requires polishing and can tarnish. Plastic is budget-friendly but may look cheap. Stone is elegant but pricey and high-maintenance.

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