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Top 8 Easiest Fondant Cake Decorations for Beginners in 2024

by SAIRA FARHEEN 08 Nov 2023
Top 8 Easiest Fondant Cake Decorations for Beginners in 2024

Fondant decorating ain't no mountain to climb. With some gumption and a few simple tools, any plain Jane can turn an ole cake into a real looker. Fondant bends to your will like clay, smooth and pliant. It lets you shape sweet masterpieces, smooth as silk. And, it'll doll up any cake for any celebration. All you need is a little fondant, a roller to tame it, basic cutters to shape it, and molds to emboss it. No special skills or big fancy tools. Just you, some simple fondant instruments, and an oven full of potential.

So let’s get this show on the road with 10 easy fondant cake decorations for beginners. You'll learn the hows and whys of every easy fondant cake decoration. The ingredients and tools to gather. The step-by-step instructions to transform your visionary decoration into tangible.

So dust up that counter space, and let's get creative, see. With this fondant beginner's guide, fondant is as easy as pie. Your cakes will look prettier than a picture, and you'll be cranking out custom DIY fondant cake decorations with your miniature skills. Trust me, buddy, you got this in the bag. Now let's make some magic!

1). Fondant Roses

Of all the easy fondant cake decorations, the rose reigns supreme in its simplicity and grace. Though delicate, this regal flower has the power to infuse cakes of every style with a sense of occasion and sentiment. Fondant grants the flexibility to tailor roses for any celebration. Bold red blooms on Valentine's Day, pastel buds for Easter, or patriotic florals on the Fourth of July. Atop anniversary and wedding cakes, they speak of love. For Mother's Day, appreciation.

To make fondant roses, you will need the following tools and ingredients:

  • Fondant in the color of your choice
  • A rolling pin
  • A rose cutter or a round cutter
  • A foam pad
  • A ball tool
  • A veining tool
  • A toothpick
  • A small brush
  • Some water or edible glue
  • Some floral wire and tape (optional)

Roll the fondant thin on a smooth surface. Cut out five or more petals with the rose or round cutter. You want a full rose so make plenty.

Lay a petal on the foam. Thin the edges with the ball tool. Ruffle them too. Do this for every petal.

Take the veining tool. Make a line down the middle of each petal. From the bottom to the tip. This makes the rose look real.

For the center, roll a small fondant ball. Shape it into a cone. Put a toothpick in the bottom. Let it dry a little.

Wrap the first petal around the cone. Overlap it a bit. Use water or glue to stick it. Do another petal across from the first.

Put two petals on the cone for the next layer. Lower than the first. Space them evenly. Overlap the edges.

Add three petals for the third layer. Lower than the second. Space evenly. Overlap again.

Keep adding more petals in layers if you want an open, full rose. The more petals, the fuller it gets.

Finish by curling the petal tips. Give them shape and movement. Trim any extra fondant at the bottom with scissors.

For a wired rose, put a floral wire in the toothpick. Wrap tape around the base. Bend it how you like. Add leaves on the wire too with glue or water.

2). Fondant Rainbow

A rainbow cake is a celebration for the eyes and the taste buds. Those bright bands of sugary color light up a party like the sun breaking through clouds after a downpour. No matter the occasion—a birthday, wedding, or pride march—that vibrant arc promises joy.

Rainbow cakes pair perfectly with youthful spirits. Add fluffy white clouds and you’ve got a cake straight from the sky’s imagination. With a purple unicorn horn and a rainbow mane, the cake becomes a whimsical fantasy creature. Or let the rainbow stand alone, its cheery hues distilled into sweet buttercream eloquence. However you slice it, rainbow cake brings delight.

To make a fondant rainbow, you will need the following things:

  • Fondant in the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
  • A rolling pin
  • A knife or a pizza cutter
  • A round cookie cutter or a glass
  • A small brush
  • Some water or edible glue
  • Some white fondant or marshmallows for the clouds (optional)

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make a fondant rainbow:

Roll the red fondant thin on a smooth surface. Cut a long strip about an inch wide with a knife. Make it as long as you want the rainbow. Do the same for the other rainbow colors. Make sure the strips are equal.

Stack the strips starting with purple. End with red on top. Press together gently so they stick. You'll have a long rainbow rectangle.

Use a round cookie cutter to cut a half circle on one end. This is the rainbow's base. Use the leftover fondant for more rainbows.

Carefully lift the half circle. Bend into an arch. Shape it gently with your hands or a rolling pin. Don't stretch or tear the fondant.

Place the rainbow on a baking sheet. Let it dry a bit. Insert toothpicks at the ends to support it. Prevent sagging.

Add clouds if you want. Roll white fondant and cut cloud shapes with a knife. Or use marshmallows, cut small. Attach clouds to the ends with water or edible glue.

Finish by placing the rainbow on top of the cake. Or glue it to the side. Make sure it's secure. Your colorful rainbow cake is ready to enjoy.

3). Fondant Monogram

A fondant monogram is one of the easiest fondant cake decoration ideas for beginners.

A monogram on a cake is like a signature on a painting - it makes the creation unique. Shaping those special letters out of fondant is a thoughtful way to celebrate someone. The decorations may seem fancy, but monograms are surprisingly easy to do. With practice, even beginners can make personalized cakes.

Simply cut the initials out of rolled fondant and add them to the frosted cake. Make it even more special by picking a font with meaning. Decorating the monogram to match the occasion shows the love and care that went into the cake. An ideal decoration for momentous events like weddings, birthdays, graduations as well as casual celebrations, the fondant monogram transforms a generic cake into a meaningful memento.

To make a fondant monogram, you will need the following tools and ingredients:

  • Fondant in the color of your choice
  • A rolling pin
  • A flexible alphabet mold or some letter cutters
  • A small brush
  • Some water or edible glue
  • Some edible dust or paint for decoration (optional)

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make a fondant monogram:

To make a fondant monogram for your cake, simply roll out the fondant nice and thin on a smooth work surface. Use letter cutters or a mold to cut out the letters of your initials. Make 'em as big or small as you like depending on your cake.

If you want to jazz up your letters, brush on some food coloring, edible glitter, or luster dust. Stick on little fondant shapes too, like flowers or stars. Anything to make your letters shine.

When your letters are ready, gently place them on top of the cake. If needed, dab a little water or edible glue on the back so they stick. If letters are heavy, slide a toothpick or skewer under to prop them up.

Lastly, arrange the letters in a pleasing way on the cake. Surround them with more fondant decorations if you want to fancy it up. There ain't nothing like a handmade fondant monogram to make your cake special.

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4). Fondant Ruffles

The ruffle is one of the easiest decorations a beginner can put on a fondant cake. Thin strips of frilly fondant, flowing and rippling like gentle waves. You can make a ruffle border, a ruffled tier, or a single flourish of ruffles. Ruffles come in all colors and sizes, bending to your creative will, and complementing any theme or occasion. A wedding cake is resplendent in ruffles. A baby shower cake is soft and sweet with them. Ruffles bring beauty and grace to all they adorn.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make fondant ruffles:

Spread out some fondant nice and thin over a smooth tabletop dusted with cornstarch or powdered sugar. Slice a long strip with a knife or pizza cutter, about half an inch wide and as long as you want the ruffle. Do this again and again for all the ruffles you'll need.

Lay one strip down on a clean surface and use a fondant roller or ball tool to thin and ruffle up the edges. You can also pinch and curl them gently with your fingers. Keep at it until all the strips are ruffly.

To put the ruffles on the cake, you can just place them directly on top. Or use a little water or edible glue to stick them down. If they're really long or heavy, toothpicks or skewers can prop them up.

To finish prettying up the ruffles, arrange them so they look nice and balanced. Sprinkling on some other fondant decorations around the ruffles can make your cake look really nice.

5). Fondant Marshmallows

The fondant marshmallow, in all its puffy charm, is an easy fondant cake decoration that brings joy and whimsy to any cake. These fluffy orbs of sweetness evoke memories of campfires with friends, cozy nights by the fireplace, and cups of hot cocoa topped with mini marshmallows. Their soft, pillowy texture adds a playful touch to your cake decor.

You can customize fondant marshmallows to match any theme or occasion. Go for bold colors and sizes for a fun birthday cake. Make them small and white for a wintry or snowball fight theme. Or stick to classic white for a clean, sweet look. Cluster, stack or line them up - no matter how they're placed, they bring a smile.

Fondant marshmallows are a versatile decoration, bringing their nostalgic sweetness to birthdays, holidays, parties, and celebrations of all kinds. A sprinkle of these puffy treats brings a smile to any cake.

To make fondant marshmallows, you will need the following tools and ingredients:

  • Fondant in the color of your choice
  • A rolling pin
  • A round cutter or a knife
  • A small brush
  • Some water or edible glue
  • Some edible dust or paint for decoration (optional)

Roll out the smooth, clean fondant on your table. Make circles of sizes you like for the cake's marshmallows. Bigger or smaller circles, whatever you want.

Gently push in the edges with your fingers to shape the circles into marshmallows. Or roll the circles into oval shapes with a rolling pin, light and easy. You can also make square marshmallows star shapes or hearts. Handle the marshmallows carefully while shaping them so they stay puffy and soft.

If you want to decorate the marshmallows, sprinkle edible colors on them or paint them, or add sparkles. You can put fondant sprinkles on them or chocolate shapes or candy.

To put the marshmallows on the cake, just place them on top or use a little water or edible glue to stick them on. You can also slide toothpicks or skewers into the marshmallows to hold them up if they're too heavy or tall.

Arrange the marshmallows on your cake in a way that looks good and add other fondant decorations around them to make it even better. With a light, skilled touch, you can make marshmallows and a cake that are sweet to see and sweet to eat. Keep things simple, keep things fun. Celebrate the little things.

6). Fondant Doilies

Fondant doilies are a sweet and simple way to add an elegant touch to any cake design. Even novice bakers can master these delicate decorations that look like 3D lace but are easy to make. With just a few basic tools and a bit of practice, you'll be able to create beautiful doilies to adorn cakes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or any special occasion.

To make fondant doilies, you will need a smooth work surface, rolling pin, fondant in the color of your choice, doily pattern cutters or templates, and a dab of shortening. Before starting, make sure your work area and tools are clean so the fondant won't pick up any debris. Dust the work surface lightly with cornstarch to prevent sticking.

Take a ball of fondant and roll it out evenly to about 1/8 inch thickness. Use a bit of shortening on the rolling pin to prevent sticking if needed. Press your doily cutter into the fondant to cut out the shape. Carefully peel the doily away from the excess fondant. Use a small brush to dust away any cornstarch.

For an even more delicate look, cut out the center of the doily using a smaller cutter. This gives the doily a lovely lace effect.

Let the doilies rest and firm up for at least 30 minutes before transferring to your cake. Carefully pick up each doily by sliding an offset spatula or thin cake decorating spatula underneath. Gently place the doilies where desired on the iced cake.

The simplicity of fondant doilies belies their beauty and versatility. They can be made in any color and stacked for volume. With just a few easy steps, you'll be able to create these quick yet elegant decorations to adorn cakes for any celebration.

7). Fondant Fruits

Though fondant fruit may seem the province of expert confectioners, with simple implements and a dose of creativity, even cake decorating novices can master this edible art form. Grab basic tools, summon your muse, and in no time you'll bedeck cakes with fondant grapes, oranges, strawberries, and more. Fondant fruits shine on cakes with summer, garden, or fruit motifs. Your guests will do a double take when they see these hand-sculpted treats.

To begin your fondant fruit journey, gather these essential supplies and get started:

  • Fondant in different colors
  • Gel food coloring
  • A rolling pin
  • Silicone molds
  • A fondant smoother
  • Cornstarch
  • Knife

The fondant is kneaded until soft and ready to work. Dust the table lightly with cornstarch so the fondant doesn't stick. Roll it out thin, about 1/4 inch thick. Use cookie cutters or silicone molds to cut shapes - circles, ovals, teardrops. These will be the base for the fruits.

To make grapes, roll small purple balls for each grape. Dust them with cornstarch and flatten one side gently. Put them in bunches. Use a toothpick to add lines and dents for detail.

For oranges, roll balls and flatten them into rounds. Press with a tool to make dents like orange skin. Roll thin green logs and cut crescent shapes for slices. Put slices around the orange and press lightly to attach.

Bring the fruits alive with color. Put dots and streaks of gel coloring on with a brush. Blend with your finger.

For cherries, roll small red balls and add a green fondant stem. For peaches, roll oval yellow fondant and add red gel to blush. Roll out green for leaves.

When dry, add details. Pipe on cherry stems, leaf veins, orange dents.

With practice, you'll be making pineapple rings, banana slices, juicy strawberries, and more in no time. Decorate your next cake with fruits so real-looking you can almost taste them! Fondant takes patience, but you'll love turning cakes into edible art.

8). Fondant Hearts

Fondant hearts are the perfect decoration for beginner bakers to show their love. With just a few simple tools and easy steps, anyone can create beautiful, handmade fondant hearts to top cakes and cupcakes for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

The sweetest sentiments are best expressed through sugary symbols. For novice bakers with more love than experience, simple fondant hearts are the perfect decoration.

Fondant dries hard, but the symbolism is soft and sweet. Surprise your loved one with a dessert dressed in heartfelt decoration. From the first cut to the final bite, let it be known that this treat was made with care. Not with skill, but with love.

To make fondant hearts, you'll need:

  • Fondant (white or colors)
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter or fondant cutter
  • Rolling pin
  • Powdered sugar (to prevent sticking)
  • Small paintbrush (for glue)

Sprinkle some powdered sugar on your workspace first. This keeps the fondant from sticking. Roll out the fondant thin as a quarter with the rolling pin.

Use the heart cutters to cut out hearts of all sizes. Make little ones and big ones for a fun look.

Carefully peel the fondant hearts off the counter. Put a dot of water or piping gel on the back with a small brush to "glue" them. Stick the hearts on the cake or treats.

Add texture or decorative edges with little tools. Let them dry fully before serving.

Just a couple of fondant hearts in different sizes and colors make a nice decoration for your sweetie. Have a good time making and giving edible love symbols to the lucky ones.

Important Tips

Beginning fondant decorating doesn't have to be hard. With a few simple tips, you can make beautiful cakes.

  1. First, let your cake cool completely before adding fondant. Warm cakes will melt the fondant right off. Give it a few hours to cool down. Patience pays off.
  2. Next, get the fondant to stick. Brush cookies lightly with corn syrup first. For cakes, spread a thin layer of buttercream over the whole thing. This helps the fondant grip.
  3. Store cakes right until it's gone time. Keep them at room temperature in an airtight container, away from too much sun or moisture. Don't refrigerate or freeze. This ruins fondant.
  4. When cracks or wrinkles happen, stay calm. Just rub on some shortening. Or use a fondant smoother to gently press them out. Decorate over flaws - no one will know. For example, an easy fix for a mistake on a fondant cake is to pipe some pretty flowers over it. Just use a piping bag with a flower tip to draw the eye away. Simple decorations can cover up little imperfections, with no problem.
  5. Finally, avoid bubbles. They make fondant look bad. Before adding fondant, press out air pockets with a smoother. If a bubble pops up later, pop it with a needle. Then smooth it out with your fingers.

With a few easy tricks, fondant decorating can be fun. Be patient, stick with it, and your cakes will look sweet.

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